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Hybrid Flaneur is an online platform; a dedicated space of reflection on the contemporary artist-flaneur/flaneuse within the 21st century urban context. It has been active since November 2014.

Hybrid Flaneur is inspired by the geo/urban poetics of the everyday; aiming to foster the links between different fields and practices: art, performance, semiotics, geohumanities, sensory studies, site-specific arts, transmedia arts, poetry, architecture and creative technology

The blog hosts texts and critical reflections by Bill Psarras, yet it is open to various fields  for collaborations and similar texts/essays, including: artists, anthropologists, urban sociologists, cultural theorists, human geographers, poets, curators, architects, technologists and various cultural practitioners on the in-between

About the author

Bill Psarras (1985, Dr.) is an artist and writer; currently working as post-doctoral researcher (IKY State Scholarships Foundation) at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University, where he is also an adjunct lecturer (2016-today). He holds a Ph.D in Arts & Technology from Goldsmiths University of London (AHRC Scholarship), an MA in Digital Arts (UAL) and a BA in Audiovisual Arts (Ionian University). His artworks include site-related walking performances, installations, video art, poetry and music composition; exploring the (geo)poetics and politics of the urban experience; focusing on autoethnographic considerations of place, body and emotion. They have been exhibited in various international festivals and group exhibitions in Europe and US. His interdisciplinary research has been published across journals (LEA, Technoetic Arts, IJART) and conferences (ISEA) on the intersections of art and urban/cultural studies. He is the author of Tundra (Pigi Publications, 2017); a poetry book which explores the metamodern intersections of art, geography and city.

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