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Hybrid Flaneur is an online platform, a dedicated space of reflection on the contemporary artist-flaneur/flaneuse of the 21st century metropolis. The blog is open to various fields including: artists, anthropologists, urban sociologists, cultural theorists, human geographers, curators, architects, technologists and many cultural practitioners that find themselves in-between these fields

About the author

Bill Psarras is an artist and musician who works as adjunct lecturer at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of Ionian University (Greece). After BA and MA studies in audiovisual and digital arts in Greece and London (University of the Arts London), he completed his Ph.D at Goldsmiths University of London on the exploration of 21st flaneur and emotional geographies of the city through walking as an aesthetic act, senses and embodied technologies. He has exhibited in international festivals (Europe, US, Australia) and group exhibitions (Onassis Cultural Foundation, Benaki Museum, International Art Expo 2014, WPA Experimental Media, MOVE WITH(OUT) project, RA Summer Exhibition). His research has been published in international journals and conferences on the intersections of contemporary art, media arts and urban studies.


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